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Interpreting the CMMI: A Process Improvement Approach
10.10.2008 22:28

Margaret K. Kulpa, Kent A. Johnson

Written by experienced process improvement professionals who have developed and implemented systems in organizations around the world, Interpreting the CMMI®: A Process Improvement Approach provides you with specific techniques for performing process improvement using the CMMI® and the family of CMM models. Kulpa and Johnson describe the fundamental concepts of the CMMI® model - goals, practices, architecture, and definitions - in everyday language, give real-world examples, and provide a structured approach for implementing the concepts of the CMMI® into any organization. They walk you through the myriad charts and graphs involved in statistical process control and offer recommendations for which tools to use.The book covers roles and responsibilities, people issues, how to generate meaningful documentation, how to overcome resistance to change, and how to track the success of your efforts. It provides examples of plans, policies, processes, procedures, and team charters. The appendices include matrices summarizing the different assessment techniques that have now been approved by the SEI for use, "pros and cons" associated with this model, some of the myths that have arisen from the marketing of the CMMI® effort, and forms and templates. The book comes with a CD-ROM that contains forms and templates that can be downloaded and customized.The authors distill the knowledge gained in their combined 60 years of experience in project management, software engineering, systems engineering, metrics, quality assurance, configuration management, training, documentation, process improvement, and team building. Whether you are new to process improvement or an experienced professional, Interpreting the CMMI®: A Process Improvement Approach saves you time wasted on false starts, false promises by marketers, and failed deadlines.

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