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Английский для тестировщиков
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Chrome DevTools: Инструменты тестировщика
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Школа Тест-Аналитика
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Школа тест-менеджеров v. 2.0
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Test Engineer in the well funded startup. Remote. Full-time.

27 ноября 2017 - 07:48

Job Description


All projects are open-source. We have a mobile app that is a messenger and a browser in Ethereum. In the near future same app will be available on desktops (Mac, Windows, Linux). 


There are several interview stages where you can showcase your skills and get familiar with the app and the process. It will take your time that will not be paid. The job is not suitable for juniors. Exact stages


Most of the team works in European timezones, so preference is for candidates from UTC+01, UTC+02, UTC+03.

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