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SQL для тестировщиков
онлайн, начало 18 января
Тестирование REST API
онлайн, начало 18 января
Школа тест-менеджеров v. 2.0
онлайн, начало 20 января
Тестирование производительности: JMeter 5
онлайн, начало 22 января


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В теме: uTest и иже с ним

21 ноября 2011 - 04:16


кто знает какие-либо зарубежные биржи для тестировщиков типа uTest (т.е. там, где тестировщик может найти себе дистанционную работу)?
Отзовитесь, пожалуйста. Нужно для себя, но, думаю, будет многим интересно. Если подобное где-то на форуме уже есть - извиняйте, не нашел.

С уважением,

Набираем людей для работы в новом проекте.

Testing engineer

BugPub is a CrowdTesting by real people from around the world with LinkedIn professional profiles.
We are about to hit the ground running new testing community that is going to make software testing open and interesting for everyone. We are giving unique combinations of professional crowd testing from Real people and Real testing background across the globe.

We are looking for talented specialist with full passion in testing and QA. The candidate will be handling multiple projects by participating in testing rounds, bug battles, pre-release verifications, End to End software validation and verification. One of important activity will be coordination and collaboration with clients, as well as other testers and analysts that will be located in different locations across the world.

The candidate should be able to report high quality detailed bug and issue reports, follow up on issues promptly and according with our workflow and practices. To provide early feedback to our clients, our projects will be mostly quick bug hunting with short notices about upcoming release, so we expect from you flexibility and quickness.
Required skills:
- strong analytical mindset
- passion to break software
- you are real geek
- you know how to address compatibility, integration, localization and other types of testing
- good knowledge of Windows or *nix
- proficiency in network protocols, web technologies

- some experience in testing
- security testing experience
- test automation experience

Qualified candidates – please send your resume or LinkedIn profile along with links on 2-3 bugs posted through http://bugpub.com (we practice it as short qualification check in order to speed up our recruiting process) at careers@bugpub.com

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