Selenium Craftmanship Is a Must

Over the past few years, the test automation software for Selenium web-applications has sprung into fantastic popularity.

The mastery of this tool has become one of required skills a test automation engineer must have a grip on. Just the sight of dynamics of available positions is enough to see it for yourself.

If you are about to advance in the field of test automation, you should definitely master the Selenium tool, even if at an entry-level.

So, what is it that we are offering to assist you?

Our trainer, Aleksei Barantsev, developed a training program for the Selenium IDE tool for beginners.

This course is dedicated to the Selenium IDE tool. No background in test automation, no programming skills, no previous insight into the Selenium tool or other automation tools are required of the members. We start from the ground up.

Watch the training program
7000 RUR (~120 USD)
Oct 15th - Nov 6th
Upon completion of the training you will be able to
  • record user actions in the browser window with the aid of Selenium IDE
  • create XPath and CSS selectors to find elements in the browser window
  • master a basic set of Selenium IDE instructions to perform keyboard and mouse actions
  • master a basic set of Selenium IDE instructions to acuire data from the browser window
  • verify actual data acquired from the browser against expected results
How will we work?
1. Comfortable online format.
Recordings of all the lessons will be posted online as part of the distant learning system. You can study any time at any place – whenever and wherever it is convenient for you.
2. Reinforcement of what you have already learned.
In the end of each lecture you will receive a practical task to do on your own as well as links to additional study materials.
3. Feedback.
Your homework will be thoroughly checked. After that your work will be graded, and the trainer will give you his detailed comments on it. If you wish, you will have a chance to correct your mistakes (if there are any) and to improve your grade.
4. Continuous communication in a study chat.
Every day the trainer will be answering your questions on theory and homework in a close Skype chat. You will be able to ask them any time!
Experience of those who graduated from our program
These lessons helped me understand the basic process of automated testing and also gave me some very valuable knowledge that helps me in my work every day...
Nemnyugin Anton, Testing Specialist
The program gave me an opportunity to not only learn simple testing automation tools, but also to have some hands-on experience using them...
Kirillova Maria, FreeDevs, Tester
After just one day of training I have already started using Selenium IDE to automate routine tasks in manual testing...
Shemenov Aleksey, Megagroup, Software Testing Engineer
Want to look inside?

Here is a sample lecture that covers basic Selenium commands. The course consists of 3 lessons, each lesson contains 8-9 such lections and 2-3 homework activities that'll be reviewed by the tutor.

About the tutor

When leaving reviews, our students almost always mention how much they enjoyed communicating with Alexei Barantsev, the author and the tutor of the program. A lot of you have already heard about him before coming to us. Here is a little bit of information for the rest of you:

Alexei Barantsev

  • Alexei is the owner and the editor-in-chief of the Software-Testing.Ru portal which is the oldest and the largest testing source in the RuNet.
  • He is a member of the team that developed Selenium that is the coolest tool for automating web applications.
  • He is the owner and the editor-in-chief of Russian website Selenium2.Ru
  • He is the author and the lead trainer of more than 30 training programs for testers and has more than 20 years of teaching experience.
  • He rose through the ranks from a tester to being the manager of a testing department; during that period of time Alexei held various positions – from a developer to an analyst to a consultant, and, finally, to a project manager.
Watch the training program
7000 RUR (~120 USD)
Oct 15th - Nov 6th
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